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Stopping The Process

A Mediator should terminate mediation by agreement between the parties; if a settlement is reached between the parties; at any time during the Mediation, if the Mediator is of the view it should be terminated. The Mediator need not give any reason for the termination.
Reasons to terminate include a party or parties lying, perpetuating a fraud, discussing the commission of a criminal act, threats of violence, if the parties do not have respect for the process, if the mediator recognises a conflict of interest between him/her or a perception of bias exists as expressed by a party and if after a self analysis the mediator asks oneself have they done or said anything that could be perceived as biased to one side and if so terminate the process. The issue can be clarified with the party but if no consent to proceed exists the process must be terminated. Terminate if not competent to deal with issues arising out of mediation. Where there is no possibility of settlement, where the relationship between the parties is particularly toxic and where there is no effective communication between the parties at all.

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